Expand subitems as default view

Hi community!
Amber here from the product team. I’m very excited to announce that as part of some improvements we made to subitems this quarter, you are now able to:
Expand / Collapse all items at the same time (using either the item menu or a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+I or Cmnd+I)
Return to this view (of expanded / collapsed subitems) by default when moving back and forth between boards:

All expanded or collapsed subitems remain that way after refreshing - Watch Video

This is great! Thanks for including the shortcut!!!


This is so exciting! Thank you!


Hi Amber,
Will this shortcut also work in shared views?

Hi can this not be a setting so that it is automatically set for all users and not just the person particularly where you are managing a big board and most of the users are viewers only? It would be great to just be able to send them a link to boards without having to say press ctrl+I if the board is already set as that is the view you want them to have all the time so they dont miss seeing sub items

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