Expand subitems as default view

Really Want and Need this feature - We plan on using this in a production environment. Should have the option to auto expand all sub-task by default in every view including Kanban. This is a feature (we must have before we decide to implement this software) this would be a very big enterprise account. Our BioManufacturing techs need to quickly scan the boards and minimize interaction with the touch screen monitors.


As default view, or as an option for custom views. It is so annoying to expand sub-items all the time. My organization uses sub-items for every project because there are many tasks assigned to different people for one given project. Our board is set up with groups for each stage a project might be in. Each item is a project, with subitems for the tasks.


This is such a needed feature… please add!

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Pleaaaaaaase make it so Monday.com team! :smiley:


@TRB-monday.com @CSG @CXS @monday-team @monday-moderators Can we expect this feature any time soon?

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Literally just discussing this feature again this afternoon with a colleague… can’t believe we are still waiting for this!


Definitely could use this if implemented, thanks!

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Definitely needed as a toggleable option. On some boards we need subtasks hidden, but they are very useful on other boards and need to be visible always, especially since the indicator of subitems is on the less visible side. Alternately, I’d even prefer it if the option was moved out of the hover meatball menu and onto a button. Upper management need to be able to see things at a glance without too many steps.

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Bump! Please add this feature.

I have to admit. After working with a free trial version of Monday.com the lack of support and the fact that they completely ignore requests for simple features is frustrating as hell. I really do not understand why anyone would use this software. I mean really, expand/collapse all takes two years to implement? Unbelievable

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Hi @BiancaT,

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to you and the developers for your hard work in releasing new features and keeping the community informed.

However, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, there have been some concerns about how this particular feature has been handled. It was initially reported back in January 2021. After garnering 187 votes, 110 comments, and almost three years of waiting, one would expect a more urgent response.

Regrettably, it has been nine months since we received any significant update on the status of this feature, aside from it being under consideration. While the Monday.com team acknowledges the need for it, there appears to be little progress in its implementation.

Monday.com has become a crucial asset for our company, and the sub-items feature, in particular, is integral to our daily operations. However, constantly toggling these sub-items to expand and collapse upon refreshing or switching boards is cumbersome and inefficient. The absence of a shortcut command to quickly toggle sub-items for each group is surprising, especially when such a shortcut exists for toggling groups.

This situation serves as a persistent reminder of an unfinished feature. Given that we, along with many others, pay for a Monday.com subscription each month, we naturally expect a higher level of service. While I understand the voting system in place to guide engineers in prioritizing features, it is disheartening to see new features being released without the completion of existing ones.

I hope this message helps bring attention back to this issue, and I would kindly request you and the team to mark this on the roadmap. Additionally, if possible, providing a meaningful update on when we can expect the release of this feature would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Please add this feature +1.

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Anthony, I could not agree more, especially about the shortcuts. Monday is incredibly mouse driven and this would be a huge relief.

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Hello. My team relies on Monday.com for project management, but we’ve encountered a hurdle with the subitem feature. The default collapsing of subitems has led us to abandon their use, as the constant need to expand them makes our workflow less efficient.

Please introduce a feature that allows users to set subitems to remain expanded by default. This adjustment would streamline our workflow and encourage us to utilize the subitem feature for improved organization fully.

Thank you!

Upvoting! This would be an amazing feature to improve the tedious task of clicking each item to view the sub-items in the group.

Agreed! Also adding in a keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse sub-items would make this much easier as well.

I am excited to share this feature has gone from “under consideration” to “on roadmap!” After reading the feedback from the community and exploring different development possibilities, we will be expanding subitems capabilities. While we are planning on adding this ability, we do not have an exact date in 2024 of when this feature will be available for use. Thanks again for your thoughful feedback and I look forward to sharing more updates!

Stay tuned and make sure to turn on notifications for this topic to be the first to know when it is released.


YES! I just came on here to look for the answer to this question. Almost all of our boards have subitems and it is frustrating and a waste of time each time we reopen a board to have to go in and click each item to expand each group of subitems! I am hoping someone has a soluation!

Excellent news!!!

@Julietteb Will the development for this include the ability to open/close sub-tasks using Keyboard shortcuts? This would really enhance the user experience for me.