Expanding forms featurs

Would love the option to send a link to update specific item and to pre-populate data from item’s column in the form. so the form receiver would fill in missing data.

Hey Adar! Would you be happy to elaborate a little further on your request here? Are you interested in the ability to update existing items via forms?

Hi Bianca,

Yes. We would love to be able to send a link to update a specific item via forms. We would also love the option to send people a link to a person that has pre-populated data from a board unless it is empty and then they would fill in the missing information.

To elaborate more: we are a non-profit and we work with many volunteers. We need the option to get their approval of the volunteer time so we need to give them the option to fill in some information, update their item via form and pre-populated data from the board if we already have it.



Thanks for clarifying - I hear what you’re saying here! Does this existing feature request relate to what you’re looking for? If so, please add your vote to put greater emphasis on this need :pray:

There are a few aspects of what I’m looking for in this feature request but it’s not exactly. My need is more on the form aspect, along with letting people update a specific item.

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