Forms to enrich existing items

Hello there,

So this a heavy request, but worth every penny when dealing with a multiple steps process…

As of today filled forms are creating new items in boards but I would love to have the option to have forms to enrich existing items.

Here is a use case: Membership validation.

  • Step 1 : We send a form to collect administrative information (Legal entity name, etc.). The form creates an item in my board and once my team validates the information we would like to send a second form for step 2
  • Step 2 : We would love to send a second form relating to the item to collect marketing information (Logo, etc.). One the form would be filled, it would fill columns of my item whih were not filled during step 1.

Thank you for your support!


I would love this feature too. Definitely key for what my org is doing.

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My teams and I would also love this feature if it were to be built. A LOT :slight_smile: