Export to Excel - Phone numbers

When exporting board items to Excel, it would be really nice if phone number columns became text, not integer. The Excel integer format deletes leading zeroes (of course), and all Australian mobile numbers when called from within the country begin with zero!
Context: we’re exporting selected (ticked-box ticked) CRM rows to Excel so someone can work on them. They need a valid phone number to work with!

A. Duplicate ticked rows into another temporary board, change the column from Phone to Text, export, delete the temporary board.
B. Append the zero back in Excel.
Hope it helps.

Thank you, Marius. Good workaround in A., using Monday to change the data type.

Alas B. won’t work for us, if you mean prepending a zero using a formula or macro in Excel (which would still require re-casting the phone number column as text). Some of the phone numbers have the +61 international dialling prefix, so don’t have the leading zero. Some of them are overseas mobile numbers. We could get really cute with conditionals in Excel, but how much nicer if Monday simply exported the phone number column as it appears in the Monday board itself. That would also preserve the digit grouping with spaces that is customary in many countries’ phone numbers (including ours).

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Glad I could help :blush:
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