Why do some columns not export properly to Excel?

I want to export my customer data board to Excel but some column types do not export successfully. The missing ones are the following key customer data:
Address (Location column type, mirrored from another board)
Phone number (this is numbers entered in a Text column type, not in Phone column type, also mirrored from another board)
Additional notes (Long Text column type, not mirrored)

How can I fix this and get this data to export?
NB I notice that when I export from the original board (that the columns are mirrored from) the location and phone columns do export correctly.

Thanks for any advice

Hi @J0H0 !

You can use this app to generate CSV and Excel reports

Or use the CSV-Link app to dynamically link it to a google sheet.

You first need to install it here
Here are the full instructions:

Hope this would help