Phone column cannot be exported to Excel file

I have hundreds of items containing a “Phone” column. When exporting to Excel the data in this column gets corrupted (unreadable). I presume this must be due to the emoji added by Monday - not really sure what the problem is.

Is there a way to get the Excel export working?

Hey @emdos :wave:

By emoji, are you referring to the flag that appears next to the phone number within The Phone Column?

If so, then this shouldn’t cause any issues when exporting to Excel or even appear based on the test I just ran.

Could you please reach out to with relevant screenshots of your board (including the column you’re using to export the phone numbers) and then what it appears as in Excel? I want to make sure that we are investigating this accordingly with you, so our Support Team will be the go-to for issues like this or any other odd behavior you may experience :slight_smile:

If you have any new questions, feel free to make a new post and we’d be happy to help!


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