Export to ZIP file as well as CSV

We use Monday.com alongside a traditional CRM database for a busy letting agency. Our CRM software stores information on each respective property we manage, and the central hub of that record is known as the “journal” - a place that stores all notes, calls, pics, emails, etc.

Currently, when we have finished with a pulse, we export it to excel (.csv) and add that to the journal, but in that process, all the photos and files that have been added to that pulse from mobile devices (a great functionality of monday.com are lost.

What would be awesome, would be an option to export to .ZIP file, so that could simply be added to the relevant journal - containing all files, pictures and notes alongside.

Hey @SWRProperty

Thanks for sharing your use case - we’d love to also see how you’re managing your properties with monday.com - would you consider sharing your boards and use case in the “monday.com for” category?

Regarding this suggestion about being able to export files to Zip, we can pass that along for sure.

As an alternative, would you consider checking out if you can connect the CRM platform with your monday.com account using our new API v2 if you have any development power in your organization?

You can learn more about what you can do with the API here: developers.monday.com

Also, which CRM are you using?