Exporting Images

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew how to help me on this request:

Our team is using Monday.com to undertake a huge furniture inventory exercise. We are using the Monday.com forms function to do surveys of each furniture piece in over 300,000 sq. ft of office space. We have found using the Monday.com forms function to be really efficient and we are really happy with this process. But the next step we need to take is to transform our data into a visual catalogue of all of our inventory.

My main objective is to be able to take my Monday.com table with all of the data (with images) and to be able to either produce (using online docs) or export all of that information. I need to take the information from my Monday.com table and detail it into a catalogue type format which includes all of the pictures we’ve imported into Monday.com

So far, I’ve found that using apps such as DocuGen or Document Exporter, I can export all of my table’s information into a word document, but the images are just sent as web links. I am hoping someone can help with the export of all of the information, including the actual image.


If you just want to have an efficient way of exporting your data you can use the admin option to export all account data in a .zip file:

You will get all your images in a folder named “assets”.

Good luck!

Hey @Thomas-Omnitas,

Thanks for taking the time to reply! I really appreciate it.

I am trying to avoid manually inputting each individual jpeg with each row of data once its been exported. We currently have it set up in Monday as having each picture attached with each row of data. When I export it, I’d like to have it all exported, including the image (not just a URL).

Let me know if that makes sense.


It makes total sence. Im sorry but I do not have a elegant solution for you.

Hi @MIETLB - My business partner Donald and I would love to chat with you and see if we can help. As part of a recent discussion with another client, Donald just did a proof of concept test involving extracting images from a monday․com Files column and inserting them into a dynamically generated PDF.

Probably the biggest challenge for your situation is that the image link we retrieve through the API is only good for 30 minutes. I’m sure we could figure out a solution for you.

Please schedule a time here for us to chat and I’ll make sure Donald is on the call with us to discuss what he learned in the recent POC exercise. Book Polished Geek: more with monday.com

Did Monday.com ever look into a better way of exporting images?