Fetch & Synchronize Information Across Two or More Boards

Your Support team suggested that I enter a Feature Request for the following:

Monday desperately needs an intuitive, easy to set-up way to “fetch” information from one or more “Source” boards, automatically show that information in another “Destination” board, and keep the information bi-directionally synchronized such that a change in data in one location triggers a change in that data in all other locations. Some of your competitors call this “Bi-Directional Live Sync” or “Many to One Live Synchronization.”

You may think that there is currently a successful Monday workflow or workaround to do this, but based on several tickets and trial & error testing with your Support team, this is not a feature in the current release.

It is a serious omission, and correcting it would be a fantastic benefit for Monday users.

Here is a high-level workflow of the desired functionality:

  1. User creates a new, empty “Destination” board to contain information derived from other boards. Example: “Sales Orders from All Salespeople with Professional Services in the Order”.

  2. User selects one or more existing “Source” boards that contains the desired information. Example: Sales Orders from Salesperson A, Salesperson B… Salesperson N.

  3. User gives Monday a set of conditions in the selected “Source” boards that are then automatically used to populate the “Destination” board, and create a live, synchronous link between the boards. Example: Find orders in the selected board(s) where the status column marked “Services?” is set to “Yes” - OR - orders where the status column marked “Labor” is set to “Yes” - BUT NOT - any order from the date period 0/0/0000 to 0/0/0000.

  4. Monday automatically populates the “Destination” board with entries for items meeting the search criteria. These items would be live-linked (meaning: automatically mirrored so as to always reflect the latest status of the information no matter whether you are looking at the Source board(s) or the “Destination” board). No manual intervention would be necessary during the initial sync operation. After the original “sync” is finished, Monday would automatically maintain the live link between the Source(s) and Destination board unless the user checks a box somewhere to break the link, thus ending the live bi-directional synchronization of data and meaning that the “Destination” board would be a “snapshot” accurate up to the time when the synchronization was broken.

Currently, linking boards and mirroring columns doesn’t achieve the desired result. Your Support team can’t figure out a way to get anywhere close to the above requirement.

Other PS automation and CRM systems provide this functionality out of the box. They seem to treat boards as a “view” to a common underlying set of information.

Please include this functionality in an upcoming release. You have lots of willing beta testers in this community who are clamoring for this functionality!