Files from Podio to Monday


I am hoping someone has done something similar as I am having trouble.

I have a client I am supporting to move from Podio to

I am getting stuck on what’s the best way to pull the attachments and files in Podio to then attach them to the proper item in Monday.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!!!

Hi @ChrisBuna,

Do you already have the items created in monday?

Or are you looking at building an integration which would create a new item and then copy the files?

I can do either. I can export from podio and import the data and do the files separately or all in one shot. I am open. I am just having trouble understanding how to get it to work.

If you are looking to do it via an integration, you would need to generate a script that can do all of the work for you.

You would need to plan out your board structure first to make it simple for you otherwise you will just have a lot of data in a board that doesn’t really make sense.

You would essentially need to do something along the lines of:
Get the data from Podio - API/Export
Read the data from Podio if yo have used an export function
Work out what data you have, and where it needs to go in monday.
Use the monday API to create items/upload files, etc… in the relative boards.

It is a general overview as I don’t have too much information to go on. Does this help you in any way? If not, happy to answer any more questions that you have.

Right now I am comfortable with pushing to Monday via the API using Google sheets and Google Apps Script.

I am less familiar with Podio’s and what that file data will look like. I have yet been able to get the file attachment API with Monday to work from Google Apps Script.

I don’t know if that helps.

@ChrisBuna, I am not familiar with Podio either.

Are you able to share your code you are using on Google Apps Script with attachments?

I usually use PHP or Nodejs, but I might be able to assist with Google Apps Script

Thank you Mitchell, I have paused this with my client. They are going to work on the Podio extraction with someone else and if/when they are ready to push to Monday I will get involved.

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Hey @ChrisBuna :wave:

Thanks for letting us know and I’m glad @mitchell.hudson was there to help you out with this :slight_smile: He’s truly a star of the community at this point.