Filling in e-mail requester from the e-mail sender of an integrated e-mail

So the idea is to create an automated helpdesk, where incoming e-mail from the support mail box comes into as an open ticket.

Now for the status change (closed/working on/open) I would like to send an automated e-mail.
Is there a way to automatically fill in the “requester e-mail” column from the e-mail sender field?

Hi @ian12 .
Extract is a marketplace app that can help you extract e-mail address of requester and save it in your board column so you can close the loop and send an auto responder.

Here is a short demo

Hey @ian12,

Had you explored the emails and activities app?

You are able to log new contact names + email addresses from incoming senders when the email is received in the app:

Let me know if this helps!

How do I do this, I’ve tried searching in integrations, but I can not find anything

You should find the emails and activities app via the updates section, and items view center:

Search for the emails + activities app: