Filtering Dashboard for a folder based on sub-folders


I have a dashboard for a folder and I would like the widgets to get updated based on a subfolder filters, any idea how to do this?

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You would have to replicate any filters used on the boards connected to the dashboard on the dashboard itself.

Please let me know should you need any help with that.

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I am not sure I understand - what I want is the folders themselves to be a filter in the dashboard so tasks only applicable to specific subfolders show up

Perhaps there is a miscommunication issue.

When you are talking about folders and subfolders I assumed you were referring to boards located in a folder and boards in subfolders included in said folder.

You cannot connect folders to dashboards since folders are just an organizational feature.

Let me know , possibly with a screenshot, what you are referring to and I’ll be happy to assist :slight_smile: .

Thanks for your help!

See the screenshot here:

Our company is organized into different programs and then different swimlanes within them. I want to create a dashboard for that program in which I can filter by swimlane