Follow-up emails cadence


We need to know if it’s possible to establish an email cadence in order to carry out the follow-up of a customer account.
So what we need is an automatic cadence (with different time lapses) based on a first date set (which can be manually added).
For example:
Manual first date: 27/08/20
Automatic cadence generated:
1st email: 30/08/20 (3 days later)
2nd mail: 06/09/20 (a week later)
3rd mail: 13/09/20 (a week later)
4th mail: 27/09/20 (2 weeks later)
5th mail: 11/10/20 (2 weeks later)

Do we have some functionality or possible workaround which can help us to cover this communication/follow up plan?

Thank you!

The direction that I would head would be to use an webhook integration to call an Integromat scenario to set the email date columns. From there the email integrations should be pretty simple.

I would have the webhook triggered on the First Date:
“When First Date changes, send a webhook”