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Hello champs!

We are developing a forecasting feature for boards. It will allow you to use A.I. to forecast things directly in The first use cases will be inventory, workforce and metrics (sales, order intake, etc.) forecasts.

If you are interested in testing it, please reach out or just comment here.


YES!!! Would love to test it @ilia510

yes, i have interest @Radek_Benlemi

Here is a small example of Daily and Monthly Forecasts

@Radek_Benlemi , can you please send me a direct message with your email, so I can send you a message?

@ElenaK - sent you a message!

If this is still an option, I’d love to help test as we’re trying to build out a forecasting process as we speak.

Hi @amy.westlake, sure. We are in testing mode and would love to work with your use case.

You will need account in our platform. Once registered, you will get access to the feature and we can have a brief chat so I can show how to build your first forecast.

You will have an extended trial during testing.

Would that be ok? Feel free to send me any question via DM.

Hi everyone!

Forecasting is now available on our platform for
Feel free to create an account and start using it.

Also, I will add to each new account a test model which you can use to play with forecasts.


Feel free to send any question or book a free demo call to discuss your case or questions.

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