Form questions (that don't alter field names)

The forms view is ideal for internal marketing teams looking to take new requests for things like campaigns, creative, content, etc. But, one glaring flaw with this is — the form fields take the same name for every view. :persevere:

The biggest problem with this is, field names are intentionally kept short for table views, which isn’t ideal for forms where people may need more context. For instance, if I have a form to intake new campaign requests, with a drop down field for ‘Audience’, I’m not able to change it to a question, for example — like, ‘Who are we talking to?’ — without it changing the field name in every view.

Obviously, a field named ‘Who are we talking to?’ would be too long and ridiculous for a table view, so you’re stuck relying on the field descriptions to provide additional context that in any way would resemble normal human-speak. :sweat_smile:

And sure, while additional context in the field descriptions is a decent workaround, it would be much simpler and provide a better user experience if we could just select the field and name it whatever we wanted to, without the name being mirrored throughout.

Reason being, not everyone “speaks marketing” or understands what these fields mean — plus, as I mentioned earlier, a field’s name in a table just shouldn’t be the same in a form, because they’re not intended for the same audience. Some competitors have figured this out and offer this functionality — I know Airtable in particular does — because the option to have more inclusive, user-friendly verbiage makes forms more productive for platform users and forms submitters (?) as a whole. :crossed_fingers: