Format Formula into money


I know there have been multiple topics on this but I just cannot figure this out. I have a formula column that calculates the pay per day from the hours worked by the hourly rate. The formula is calculating the total pay for the day just fine but in text format. I need this to be in $. The current formula is:
{Hourly Rate}{Hours Worked}{Staff#Count}

Where do I throw the $ symbol in that formula to turn the output in to a money format?



First, I’m assuming that you are wanting to multiply the columns together. To do that, you need to use the multiply function or operator:
{Hourly Rate} * {Hours Worked} * {Staff#Count}

The best way to add number formatting on formulas is to set the desired format in the column summary. If you have turned off the column summary, turn it back on, make the adjustments, then you can turn it back off if you want.

TEXT({Hourly Rate} * {Hours Worked} * {Staff#Count}, "$#,##0.00")
In some cases, for various reasons it is not possible to use the column summary settings. In that case, you can use the TEXT() function to add formatting: