Formula Column Unable to be Searched On

Recently, we have encountered a big issue at our company where we suddenly were unable to search items through the formula number column (with formula data type). This was previously available about two-three weeks ago, and the functionality recently disappeared. This is critical to our company’s workflow, as it is the only way for certain departments to filter through items based on the information they have.

When reaching out to Monday support about this, they informed us that it was because of the “New Search Bar” algorithm that they recently implemented. It doesn’t make sense to edit the search bar to remove a data type from being searched on. Removing a critical feature to the website doesn’t qualify as an upgrade.

The workaround method that was suggested by Monday support of using the filter option is not feasible, as it is much slower and more inconvenient than using the search bar which works for all other column types.

We would really appreciate if would bring this feature back to the search bar, as it is critical to our company’s operations, and likely other companies as well.

Thank you,