From submission usernames

Hello Experts,
Peculiar issue here.

We use forms to gather data, this data is submitted by users who are on company domain, and are subscribed to the board.

Important point to note here is that I am the admin of the account.

The problem occurs when a user submits a form using the shareable link. The creation log shows that I (admin) submitted the form.

However, if the user has a second browser window open while logged into the board, and then submits a form through a second window, then the creation log captures the username correctly.

It is my understanding that the form should automatically capture the “username” from the form, rather than showing the creator as the orm submitter.

I hope the above makes sense, am I missing a setting/checkbox here?

Please help

Please disregard this message, there are three conditions which have to be met for the form/board to capture the username, as on the FQ website


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Hey @Tabish, like you noted, the creation log and the updates section will show who submitted the form only if those 3 criteria are met :+1: To clarify, an active session means that you are logged into the same internet browser on which you submit the form, on your computer (not on mobile or the desktop app).