Generate dashboard/board view share link, or download a dashboard by API

Hi, is there a GraphQL query that generates dashboard or board view share link?


Or is there a way we can download dashboard as a PDF via API?


Hello there @libin,

As of today there is no way of generating a share link via API, or download a dashboard as PDF via API.

I have created two separate requests for these two things so that our team can take them into account :grin:


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Thanks a lot @Matias.Monday

Happy to help :grin:

Hi Matias, is it possible to publish a dashboard via a web link that can be displayed on a remote display with no need to login so it can be displayed on a tv. The team struggled to make this happen today. We do it for boards

Hello there @kjur,

I checked with the team in charge of that and it can not be done.

Dashboards can only be shared with account-users that are logged in.


Thank you!

Can you kindly add this to the request list for dashboards, this would be a highly valuable use case for us Thank you

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Hello again @kjur,

Our product team is eager for this kind of feedback to include in their discussions for future improvement. These product ideas and feedback can be submitted directly to this section since I can not convert this into a request from a different domain.

Please feel free to check out more about how this process works here. We encourage you to search for an existing feature request and simply add your vote to it! If you can’t find a relevant request, you can open a new one. Every quarter the Product team reviews the requests with the most votes in each category and provides status updates so you know where requests stand on the roadmap!