Google Calendar Sync (Only certain Groups on Board)

We have a board set up for tracking our holiday requests and approved holidays and I am wanting to then Sync the approved holidays onto our Teams Google Calendar (so that people can view it alongside their normal daily calendars etc); however, people are complaining about seeing the “Holiday requests” alongside the confirmed holidays (it doesn’t differentiate on Google).

Has anyone found a way to sync only certain groups from a board to Google?


Hi @jjay.lewin As far as I know this is not possisble by group. What you could do is to add 2 timelines to the board. One for ‘requested’ one for ‘approved’. The one for approved could be synced to the agenda.

Attaching a Monday form to the board could create the entrance for holiday requests. In this form only the ‘requests’ timeline entry should be activated. This way there won’t be any confusion on what column to use when filling in the form when vacation is requested by a teammember.

When approving a holiday it can be manually copy pasted into the approved column, then showing up in team calendars.

Hope this suggestion helps.


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Thanks for taking the time to share your idea @Eltjo, it was helpful :slight_smile: