GraphQL query that will automatically update all items in a board

Hi All,

Have a two part question here.

1st part:

I’m looking at the Postman request examples provided by Monday.

Specifically for the latest API version

I see POST requests that will change values for items.

I am wondering if there is a GraphQL query that will automatically update all items in any given board. Either a delta update or a full replace (even if some items weren’t updated).


Sample board:

client hours manager status
Client A 10 john online
Client B 4 sarah offline

let’s say that I want to change the managers, hours, etc… so it’s now

client hours manager status
Client A 222 ken online
Client B 11 wendy online

Is there a GraphQL query that will update all items for the board? Ideally I don’t have to specify which columns to update as well.

2nd part is what’s the best method to push updates to a Monday board from another system/platform?

e.g. using a webhook to push a CURL request?
e.g. using Google Sheets and an integration (e.g. Zapier, Integromat, etc…)


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To update the values of items you have to iterate the IDs you’ve fetched, and change each individually. Now you can change all the columns in one call, but you can’t change more than one item at a time. There is no way to change an item without specifying all of the columns.

(though there are ways to bundle multiple mutations into one request, there isn’t a set all these items to these values, and API complexity limits mean you have about 160 items you can change in one minute then you will get an error and must wait)

From your other thread, it sounds like there are some discussions to be had about the specifics of your internal system (which sound… unique and constraining) that are the real driving factors here.

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Hi Cody,

Thanks for the detailed context provided.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide additional information regarding the system.

However, I think I have a much better understanding of where to go from here.

Much appreciated,

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Thank you for the help @codyfrisch !

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