Gravity Forms submissions via Zapier

I’m using Gravity Forms and Zapier to send potential customer data to a ‘leads’ board. I’ve setup and connected the Zap with Wordpress/ and the data is coming through fine. I had to change the phone number field in gravity Forms to use the UK format as shown here:

This was because Zapier was throwing up an error “Failed to create an item in Invalid value for {“phone”=>”(999)“, “countryShortName”=>“999-9999”} on PhoneColumn. invalid value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column”

So using the UK Phone format resolved the error. However, when the data is passed to it is displaying the phone number with unwanted spaces in it.
e.g) 079 123 45678 instead of 07912345678

I could possibly change the field in Gravity Forms from a Phone number field to a standard text field but this would mean changing the field on many different forms.

Can anyone assist with this?


Did you find the solution? Going through this right now