Group of Elements

Hello Guys!

I would like to create(if possible) a kind of group that I can transfer elements to a single element which already contains subitems.


There are here 10 Purchase order from a board( name, qty, supplier, amount) , which is going to be shipped in on single shipping. I would like to make a view to my costumer check each Purchase order into that shipment. Any ideas how to do it? Thanks alot

Hi Altemar!

This sounds like an interesting use case. Could you share some screenshots and maybe annotate what you’re trying to achieve? It’s hard to get an idea with that sort of a brief description.

When you’re starting out a project like this, it can be helpful to use a tool like chat GPT in order to talk through the details and determine your real requirements.

Some ideas:

  • Think of each item as an object that has its own data values. The item type is defined by the board (since the board is a set of columns, defining that data type).
  • A sensible approach might be to have a board for Orders and a board for Products
  • On the Products board, you could have basic info like product name, product type, cost per unit
  • On the Orders board, you could have columns that relate to the order, such as order number, client, address, delivery date, request date etc.
  • Then you could have subitems on the order board for each item contained in the order. By linking these to the products on your Products board with a connection, you can mirror data related to that product and likewise mirror that data back from your connected subitems to do things like add up your total orders per Product.
  • By using subitems, you can summarise pricing totals and other data to the parent “Order” item.

Good luck with your solution and feel free to contact me directly if you need some more help.