Having a drop down list of dates appear on a form, when that specific date column is on a different board (mirrored)

I have a list of client sessions that include date & time in one board, and in another board I have a list of client created form responses.

I want to create a connection so that the form can pull the list of sessions so the client can select the relevant session that the form relates to (clients need to fill in a pre-session form and post-session form to agree actions etc) and then I can run some automation to gently nudge them if they haven’t completed the form by x number of days before or after the session)

WorkForms doesn’t currently support the mirrored columns, and there are a couple of integrations that look like they should work, it just doesn’t seem to hang together correctly.

So I’m wondering if there is a different way to achieve this…?

Hey Leigh,

As you’ve come to realise, the mirror column isn’t currently supported in workforms - I apologise for the setback here!

The Superform app is available which might help in combating the workform limitations, however I understand that this may not be the most ideal approach.

Is it possible for you to set up a native dropdown column or alternative column in the form to pull availability information from the client? From there you could then mirror that column into the client session board, to cross-check/match available times of the client with the available session? Again, I understand this may not be the most convenient route, however given the mirror limitation, we might need to look into making some slight changes to the workflow structure - let me know :pray: