Help to optimize CRM for best clients experience

Hi everyone,

My company is an Online Marketing Agency. I have been using Monday as my company CRM for a while. There are some things I cannot figure out how to track.

Here are they:

  • How to track my client’s retention: I am tracking projects on the project board. One client has been doing many projects. I want to know how many projects that they have been doing with us, so I wonder how to track the number of their retention in the client contact board
  • Tracking total payment of 1 client: same as above, every client has made many payments, I track it on the payment board. How can I summary the size of the total deals of that client on the contact board?
  • Last one: I would like to keep track of all communications and actions that staff has taken with the client. So that whoever takes over can understand the context that went on with the customer. Is there any tool that could help?

I hope to receive ideas and suggestions from the community.

Sincere thanks.

My name is Bianca, and I am a freelancing monday Expert.
I specialise in CRM and Project Management workflows.
I’m also highly experienced with teams who have been on monday for a while, but not getting maximum efficiency
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