Managing Customer Information


I am seeking advice from experienced Monday users! I primarily use Monday to store my customers’ contact details. This includes items such as name, contact details, addresses, etc. I also want to monitor when we last done a job for a customer, and schedule in future jobs, as we have introduced contracts. Can anyone tell me the best way I can manage all this data, best board layouts? Thanks

Hey @SepticTankServices!

Had you thought about setting up a seperate board to manage each of your jobs? This way, you are able to connect the contact board to the job board using the The Connect Boards Column and monitor job progression/completion against the specific customer.

In terms of setting up a customer jobs board, you might take inspiration from this article → Manage customer projects

Let me know what you think!

Hello Bianca,

Thank you for responding! I will check these links out. For the customers’, it isn’t necessarily the project side, it is just to store information regarding the customer. All our jobs are done in a short space of time, therefore we do not need to track them over a period of time. So really, it is just to store the customer data. We are also introducing a ‘contract’ for our customers’, which will involve direct debits.