How to Optimize my CRM?

Good morning,

I’m supporting a company that offers classes to the public. Right now, they are using monday for a project management platform and don’t have a functional CRM system.

I’m setting up a CRM system for them in the platform. One of the biggest things that they do is offer classes to their clients. Some clients may be in one class and others may be in multiple classes.

I’ve set up the Advanced CRM module that monday has offered and i’m working on figuring out if I should set up each class as a deal or as a group. I want to be able to put each student into the class when they’ve shown interest, and then be able to classify them as Interested, Enrolled, No-Show, or Graduated.

Any suggestions?


Great use-case question.

I suggest the following:
Group = classe
Item (row) = client name
column (status column) = type/classification (Interested, Enrolled, No-Show, Graduated)

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