One client contact w/multiple projects

Hi all,

I run a recruitment business and have a question - I have a client that we work with on multiple projects simultaneously. I want to have this contact on multiple boards without duplicating. Is that possible (I am a bit of a Monday CRM rookie!)?


Hi @Gord , one option could be to 2-Way sync the 2 boards. This way any changes on one contact will make changes to the other. This is possible using zzBots 2-Way Sync.

Here is a link:

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Thank you, will have a look!

Hey @Gord - welcome to the community. Depending on your needs you can use standard Connected Boards and Mirror columns. This is a way to have your data appear in more than one place while keeping a single source.

Feel free to reach out if you need assistance.

Hope this helps!


Hey @Gord

Creating connected boards with mirror columns is an effective solution for your business. This way, you can manage your client on multiple boards without duplication and any changes made on a board will automatically get updated on the remaining ones.

Being a recognized consulting partner, we have helped many recruitment agencies to build and launch 2-way connected boards for their project management needs.

To know more about how we set up this board, you can discuss it with our experts today!