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Hello you all, I’m a Newbie in monday and I need some help with the Search Everything functionality. I will organize my questions below, before I want to exemplify the structure of my board so I think it’s easier for you to understand my case and help me. Basically, I have 5 main columns (Status (status - Done, Working on It, Stuck), Priority (status - High, Medium, Low), Owner (person -The one responsible for the task), Executor (person - the one who does the task), Total Time (A number - time spent in the task)).

1- I want to the have the information of all the open tasks (that is tasks with the status Working on It or Stuck) and Priority High across all boards, in order to do that right now I’m doing two searches on search everything “High Working on It” and “High Stuck”. Is there a way that I can do this with just one search? Even more, can I count the number of open tasks with these status across all boards in a easy way? And count the open tasks whose executor is a specific person?

2- When searching a person name on search everything, it appears all the tasks the person is assigned for either as an owner or as an executor. Is there a way I can show only the tasks this person is the executor across all boards? And what about summing all the Total Time (one of my columns) on the items this person is an executor? I can do this within one board by creating charts, but would be nice if I can do this across all boards.

Thank you

Hey @caioari ~ Welcome to the community! :wave:

To address your questions in order:

  1. It is not possible to filter Search Everything by the multi statuses and people in the way you have described.

However, if you create a Dashboard and add The Table Widget, you can filter this to only show the items that are labeled accordingly to the statuses you need!

You can also use The Chart Widget to help create a graph that shows you the number of items someone is assigned to based on these filters as well.

To learn more about filtering, check out this article as well: The Board Filters

  1. I’m not sure what you mean in this case since I’m not sure what your board specifically looks like here, so I would recommend reaching out to with some additional details and maybe a screenshot of your board so we can help as best we can!

As for the time, if this is specifically through using The Time Tracking Column , then you can also use The Time Tracking Widget on your dashboard to tally up all the time information you need!

If it’s The Numbers Column, then you can use another chart widget or even The Numbers Widget .

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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Yes, definitely, it helps a lot.

Thank you, Jenna!

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