Hide + Sort Subitem Columns

Added my vote - was actually surprised to find it’s not already a feature.

Any update on this feature? Currently we are sending customers weekly status reports by exporting to excel and re-formatting (which is a pain) all because subitems can’t be hidden and contain information that we can’t have our customers seeing…

Hey Taylor!

This feature has actually recently been released!
I noticed the change in December, and was happy to see the team announced the enhancement in their January 3rd edition of their Product Updates email :partying_face:


Here’s a link to learn more:
Hiding columns from your board – Support (monday.com)

I hope this helps your team!


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I’ve recently noticed that the hidden subitem columns are not hidden from a public share link. I’m not sure if that is a bug that recently happened or if it never worked, but this is a gap in the feature.

I had contacted support on this and they said that this feature simply does not exist. It is not part of the programming. So not a bug.

Hi community,
I wanted to let you know that I spoke with the @amber from the boards team and these features are being developed. The ability to hide columns is already released and sorting will be released very soon! Thanks for all your feedback, the product team reads through it all and uses it when thinking of how to develop the latest features.

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Stay tuned!

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