Hide the "FILTER" and/or "HIDE" Solution via JS/CSS & Perhaps Future App?

This is similar to another thread I made in regards to hiding the “Main Table” view located here: Hide the Main Table View Solution via JS/CSS & Perhaps Future App? - #2 by mrjberlin

But instead of hiding the Main Table, we can use the following to hide the Filter and/or “Hide” option(s) from users. I’m personally using this because I don’t need anyone from the team accessing the main table view, messing with any of the filters and/or adjusting any of the hidden columns.

*Yes, there are board restrictions; however, users can still access these 3 tabs and adjust them, though not save them.

On Chrome, specifically, I’ve had my team use the following extension:

I then added the following CSS

.filter-buttons-wrapper .rule-based-filer-component,
.filter-buttons-wrapper .columns-filter-component,
.filter-buttons-wrapper .menu-button--wrapper {
  display: none;

I manually set this up on each team member's computer so they don't have access to the main view (link above for instructions), filters, hidden columns and formatting.

I'd like to see Monday have this as an official solution based on user roles.

Quick and easy solution, especially if they have it applied directly on their website for cross-browser support!