High-level and Low level project Management

I have followed the instructions on this page regarding the high and low level project management. The issue is, when you are choosing the connect board, you must choose the items that you want include.

What are High-Level and Low-Level boards? – Support (monday.com)

To me - this is really missing the target. What if me or somebody else is adding items in the low level board. This means that the items must be manually added by the high level board owner or member? How is this even useable? Any ideas?

Hey @pdotc,

You can try this automation, so your low-level item can automatically connects with the following item in your high-level board :

You can find it in Automations → Connected Boards.

Let me know if it helps you.

Best regards,


Thank you very much, but that doesn’t make sense as there isn’t any matching argument. I want to be able to add a completely new item