Highlight an entry based on date

In a board it is very easy to notify or change a value (mainly Status) based on a date arriving or passed.
However, I think this is not very visible when considering the complete board.

I have a board that contains tenth of items, each with various progress, dates and statuses. If I set up an automate to check the Deadline and notify the responsible if the deadline if this deadline is coming shortly, the responsible will indeed get this notification, but maybe, depending on his settings or on the number of notifications he receives, he won’t really notice it or may forget about it.

In this case, urgent situation may be missed.

An idea would be to add, in the Automation feature a way to highlight the complete item (the line itselfe) in a bright color or to add a king of blinking icon next to the name of the item. In this way, when an urgent situation comes, it will remain visible as long as it is not solved.

The best would be to have maybe 3 level of visual notice, for example: Close to date (yellow), at date (orange) past date (red)

This would make the visualisation of a board even more effctive for the manager who would get a clear overview of the situation.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi @Christophe - this is actually possible today with Conditional Coloring on your board. You can highlight columns or rows based on certain criteria.

You can find more information about conditional coloring here: Conditional Coloring – Support (monday.com)

Hope this helps!

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