Hire a specialist -> Send email with pulse info from board

Dear all,
I am looking for a passionate developer to help us build a custom integration:

  • When status changes to X (e.g. “Shipped”)
  • Send email to emails in column Y (e.g. “google@yahoo.com”)
  • Containing text info from column Z (e.g. tracking number) and files from column W (e.g. file.txt)

Let me know if anybody can be of help with that!
I have a few other ideas I want to implement, hopefully I can work with the same developer in the future.

Best regards,

Hey @lyanchev

Roberto from Omnidea here

As a monday.com gold partner feel free to contact us at info@omnidea.it with some details about your request.

You can solve all of this with the built in Gmail or Outlook integrations. No need for custom development for the scenario you are looking to achieve.

We will be happy to show you how!


Really kind of you to suggest a ready-made integration!

But I am not sure it will do all I want. The main problem is with sharing files using the gmail integration. Even in sharable boards, the link to the file cannot be opened without having a Monday account, e.g. https://mclimate.monday.com/protected_static/3490940/resources/173365278/MClimate-Flood-Sensor-LoRaWAN-08-02-2021-XXXXX.csv

I see what you mean!
This can be solved by using any of the integrated file sharing services (GDrive, Dropbox or OneDrive). Upload the file there before adding it to your monday.com board. Make sure the drive folder permission is set to “Everyone with a link can view the file”.
Now when you add the file column to a email composer it will send the link to the third party service and not monday.com, your clients should be able to click the link and access the file.

IF the above workaround is not to your liking I would recommend looking at integromat or Flowize as good monday.com integration and automation platforms to fill the gap of native functionality without having to invest heavily in a Custom API development.

Again, We at Omnitas Consulting are available to assist you with any monday.com related consultation. We have specialized in using monday.com to its full extent in order to limit the need for third party development.

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Thomas-Omnitas: Thank you (truly: Thank you) for your quality, meaningful responses – I love it when knowledgable people share real information that is on-message and helpful, even to us less-experienced users. That makes your offer to provide additional assistance, if needed, so much more genuine. Kudos!

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Thank you! Really appreciate it!

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Hey All,
As I managed to find a solution with Zapier, I wanted to let you know. I am using Monday API V2 and “Webhook” in Zapier sending a POST request.

  1. With Monday’s app in Zapier, I manage to retrieve the id of the “asset” (any file in a file column is defined as an asset). (Action: “Get Column Values in monday.com” passing the id of the pulse)
  2. Once I have the ID of the asset, I use the webhook to retrieve a link to the file, which is publicly accessible (and expires after some time).
  3. Then I send an email with Gmail app on Zapier just passing the link that I’ve retrieved in step 2.

Hope this will help somebody in the future!

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