Hire a specialist to refine our real estate brokerage board

we are quite familiar with Monday but clearly we are missing something. People just don’t love using it, boards are getting too horizontal, views are getting messed up, etc. Need someone to come in and help us with best practices. Thanks!

We at Omnitas Consulting are Certified Preferred Partners of monday.com. We are experienced working with Investment firms, Real Estate and Construction (just to mention some).

I am confident that we will be able to help you out. Gustaf is one of our consultants. I think he will be perfect for you and your team. He is well versed in your field and a expert att de-cluttering and making sure that the boards are clean and the Dashboards are powerful with valuable information.

Gustaf would love to jump on an initial (free) call with you to get an initial idea of how you work, what you manage in monday.com today, what you feel is not working and what your desired effect is. Please send him an email (gustaf@omnitas.se).

We got you covered Jordan!

sent email! thanks for the reach out

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We would also love help with this. We want to build a CRM and so much more. We have tried multiple programs and none have exactly what we need. Can you help us? We would love to chat!

Hello Christie!
You are in luck. As Certified Preferred Partners of monday.com we have helped many companies build comprehensive CRM solutions within monday.com and it is one of our specialties.

The best thing with building a CRM in monday.com (in my optinion) is:

  1. You can customize it 100% to fit your organisation, communication, products and salescycles.
  2. It is easy to build an automated hand-over to the production/ client project team(s).
  3. With everything in the same system the company will have a joint situation awareness and the different departments have incentives to collaborate.
  4. You will be able to get good insight in the health of your company with both sales pipe and live projects in the same BI tool.
  5. Unlike solutions like SalesForce, When and if you want to change something you can do this easily without being dependent on the consultants that took care of your initial implementation.

I think you should contact our head of sales Fredrik at (fredrik@omnitas.se) and try to set up an initial chat in order for him to fully understand your needs and help you create the Scope for an eventual implementation project.

No here’s what we’re looking for.

CRM databases allow us to funnel / filter large amounts of client data. Currently, we have about 5,000 leads, gathered since December 2019. CRM databases have horrible task management / project management capability.
We are a team of 5 women, looking to share tasks along the transaction process. Our current checklist is 101 lines long, spreadsheet format. With each property transaction, tasks will be shared among many individuals. Some tasks are dependent upon the tasks of another individual, many tasks are independent.
To manage a complex client transaction process, among 5 women, working at different points throughout the day. Automated as much as possible.
To manage/ funnel/ filter a large number of client leads, based upon tags assigned by Ylopo
To view a current conversation between AI of Ylopo and our clients
Emailing clients directly from Monday. Eliminating individual email chains and the task of copying/pasting a client’s email into Gmail.
Texting clients directly from Monday - bonus!
Form capability - exporting selected client information into a professional, branded format for partner agencies (title companies, etc)

We will be able to help you out and we have solved similar needs in monday before.

I saw that you also sent me a PM, I will continue the conversation there.

Hi @cookchristie19 we are a real estate team looking to hire someone to do similar. I’d love to hear how your experience has been so far.

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Hi Ann,

We have hired @Thomas-Omnitas and Fredrik everything is still in process. We have been extremely impressed with the work so far. These two are the best! Hire them and you won’t be disappointed!

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Hi @AnnMarieJanni, would love to have a chat with you and hear/see if and with what we could help you :slight_smile:

my e-mail is fredrik@omnitas.se - send me an email and we’ll schedule a quick call.


Hey there. Can you call me at 12:15 Eastern time instead of noon?

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