How can I create these automations?

How can I create these automations?

I have a board for: Assets as main items and faults as subitems of the assets.

Every quarter, I want to send the client a report with asset details and the fault details of the quarter that have occurred.

I can generate the report with DocuGen. The problems I’m facing are:

  1. After the email is sent to the customer, I want to move the subitems (the faults) to another board. Since next quarter, I don’t want the client to see the faults that belong to the previous quarter. How can I do that? The items need to stay, as every quarter the asset details won’t change.
  2. I want an automation that will send the client the quarterly report every quarter.

How can I do that?"

anyone can help me to solve this issues please?

sure i will need to see the board structure and advice propoerly , it sounds like you have a query.

How can I move the subitems to another board when the quarter changes?