How to create this quarterly report?

Hello everyone,

I’m seeking advice on creating the next quarterly report for a property management company.

I have categorized information on a board into three sections: Assets, Faults, and Clients.

Every quarter, I aim to provide clients with a report detailing:

  1. Income generated from their assets (each asset’s income is logged on the Assets board, and a client may own multiple assets).
  2. Expenses associated with each asset (expenses for each asset are recorded on the Assets board) in addition to expenses related to faults during the quarter (logged on the Faults board).

Afterward, I intend to display the total income subtracted by the total expenses for the client’s overview.

Furthermore, I wish to automate the process of sending the quarterly report to clients without the need for manual intervention.

I prefer to export the data elsewhere because sending it via exposes the board data to the customer, which I wish to avoid. I only want to present them with the total income minus total expenses. Additionally, I prefer to send them a link directly without requiring a username and password for login.

Could someone please advise me on how to accomplish this?

I would appreciate any suggestions for a more efficient way to construct the report.

Hi @eranggg

if the output format can be an Excel spreadsheet, you might want to use our app Spreadsheet Gorilla for your use case. It offers pretty much everything you request:

  • Use advanced formulas across boards (calculate horizontal and vertical)
  • Build custom filters based on conditional rules
  • Create reports and email them with automations

You can learn more about each feature in this comprehensive guide.

Let me know what you think.

– Markus

What exactly are your requirements for how the ‚report‘ should look like?

Are you talking about merely providing the Numbers (Total Income, Total Expenses, Income-Expenses)?

Or are you aiming for something more adcanced like actual graphs, tables to drill down to, a list of the assets etc.?

The first is super easy to achieve:
Create a high level Board where you track your Clients.
Make sure that each Asset and Fault that belongs to that client is connected to the Clients item in the Clients Board.

Use a mirror column to summarize the Income and Expenses from the Assets Board on the Clients Board.
Use another mirror column to summarize the expenses from the Faults Board, on the Clients Board.

Now you can use a Formula column to calculate the total Expenses (Mirror expenses from Assets Board + Mirror Expenses from Faults Board) and also the Total Profit (Mirror income from Assets Board - total Expenses).

Lastly you can use a native E-Main Automation (Outlook/Gmail) to send out an E-Mail every quarter. You can use the placeholders for the formula column in those E-Mails.

If you just want the Data from that particular quarter and not all the Income/Expenses of your clients it’s a bit more complicated but also quick to achieve.

Its not good for me, it send the email through girilla, i need it to send the email through my email.

And is it possible to design the spreadsheet so it look better?

Plus, I would like to display some of the data in the first rows and some in a few rows below. Is it possible to do this?

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Hi @eranggg

It’s currently not possible to use custom email addresses for sending those spreadsheets with automations. Though you have some very basic formatting options per column by clicking on e.g. Column A in your spreadsheet template:

You can append multiple boards (the same or different ones, like below Board Tracker was appended 3 times) to worksheet Sheet1 and apply different filters for each. In this example I filtered for Stage IS NOT Won in the first board, and Stage IS Won in the third one (while the second “blank” board is being used as a workaround to create a gap in between):


Let me know if you have any further questions.

– Markus

I need to export columns from multiple boards into a spreadsheet and automatically send it to the client every quarter. Can I achieve this using the app?