Property management company - how to create a quarterly report for clients the right way?

Hi everyone,

For a property management company - how to create the next quarterly report?

I have a board for:

Every quarter I want to send the client a report with the income for his assets (the income for each asset is recorded on the Assets board and a client can have multiple assets)
The expenses for each asset (the expense for each asset is recorded on the Assets board) + the expenses for the faults in the quarter (there is a board for Faults).

Then I want to show the client the total income minus the total expenses.

Additionally, I want automation that will send the client the quarterly report every quarter.

How can I do this?

As I understand it, I need to prepare a dashboard for each client and if I have a lot of clients it’s a hassle.
I would be happy to hear if there is a more efficient way to build the report.
Thanks in advance!

HI Eran,

Welcome to the community. Thank you for your question. I implement monday for people like yourself.

The board structure you have sounds correct. You would have assests board two-way connected to your clients board. And you would have faults connected two-way to the same clients board.

It’s not clear if faults are can only be assigned to 1x asset at a time, if so, you could connect faults two-way to assets, and connect the assets to client board.

In both scenarios you want assets and faults connected to the clients board.

That way the clients board will summarise the information from the other two boards. Use mirror and formula columns on the client board to summarise the values as needed.

If you are on Enterprise reporting is easier, because you can assign your client to lines related to them, and the client can only see their information on each board. You could share the board to that client and the client would visibility of their income and assets.

Alternatively, you could use an integration tool to pull the data from Monday and output to google sheets or looker studio to get the report required.á

There may also be some marketplace apps that can report out too. Let me know how you get on.


Thanks for the reply.

I still didnt achieve this report, do you have an idea of how can i create it?

I dont have enterprise plan.