How can i get the data from the overall SUM of s column

Hi, i’m trying to track how many calls my sale’s team make in a day.
So i made an automation that when a status changes it will count “1” next to it (numbers col).
And now i want to get the overall sum of column to know how many “status changes” was general in a day.
I can see it manually. but i want it to send and save somewhere this data every day.
maybe with email integration or zapier. But i cant find how to pass this data.

For example i’ve added a screenshot of the variable i want to get.

Please Help if you have an a idea or a solution.
Thank you in a advance.

hi @Arthur_Hooly

Welcome back to the community. If you are trying to get the group or board footer in a formula I am afraid that won’t work. Formula, just like any other automation, work on a per item basis and you can’t sum vertically (across rows). To be able to do this you need to trigger Zapier, Integromat or a custom app that does this for you.

Hi @Arthur_Hooly the Analytics & Reports add-on by Screenful can do calculations based on column summaries in a formula. We have our own formula implementation for that and you can learn more about it in this blog post.

You can schedule a report to be generated daily and sen via email. You can learn more about the scheduling feature in this guide.

You can reach out to for more details.