How do I create a main overview page for my project?

I want to create a high level, overview of my project as the main page in Monday. If you’re familiar with Asana’s main portfolio page, that’s what I want to replicate. Somewhere where anyone can get an overview of a project’s current status, timeline, summary of the project goal, as well as quick access to key links and documents.

Is there a way to make this that I’m not aware of?

We have been utilizing the dashboard tools to draft a “portfolio page”. It isn’t perfect, but until the feature exists you may want to play around with that.

What dashboard items are you using to capture key links, key files, and high level updates?

Hi @rwilt, welcome to our community!

At this time it sounds like what you’re looking to do is to create a custom landing page that is neither a Dashboard nor a Board, is that right? If so, at this time I’m afraid that this isn’t something our platform supports.

However, seeing as you posted your query in the monday Apps & Developers section, I do also want to chime in and say that if you have any technical experience, you can absolutely create a custom board view for your boards. Perhaps this is an option that you’d be interested in checking out?

If so, I would recommend you to start by poking around our monday apps documentation.

thanks for the information.


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