How do I send an email through the email integration that contains a Dropbox hyperlink?


I’m looking for a way to automatically send an email to a client (email column) which includes some predefined text and a link to a file. Unfortunately it looks like I can’t use the file column to be used in the email. Dropbox links would be great for this. Any suggestions how I could achieve this?

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Unfortunately the limitation here is that emails sent from Monday currently can only be plain text. This means no attachments or hyper links. If you get the share link from Dropbox, you can put the text for the link into a Text column which will work with the email integrations. But note that it will not generate a clickable link in the email, your client would need to copy & paste.

More robust email features are in the works for Monday, but right now the only way to remedy this is to use a 3rd party integration app like Integromat & Zapier. Both are “low code” options and I’ve personally used Integromat to do exactly what you are asking for and then some.

Hope this helps!

Hello…I am new to the discussion here, so please forgive any misunderstanding in the question. I can share that we have an automation where an email is sent from links within the board. The automation is set to when the status is changed to “ready”, notify Board subscribers. Part of the notify are these details with the other fields within the board: {} is ready for delivery. Please check the links here: {item.dropbox_link_to_deliver_material} and {item.mirror}.

Both of these links come through as links in Outlook and are set as links in the board. The links are pasted in to the fields on the boards, so I am not sure about automation from Dropbox. The one item we wished we could have is the ability to insert HMTL code to include line breaks and bold text where necessary. We did try and the code just came through as text as @andrewalmand mentioned.

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Sending a link this way does work as its essentially sending an Update via Monday to your board subscribers. Thank you for sharing this option!

But I believe in @Sawdust 's use case, they have clients they are emailing via Integrations who do not have access to the Monday board. This is where the plain text limitations really come into play.

@Sawdust we have been trying to use links in emails as well, and if you include the fully qualified url. e.g. then any modern email client will understand that as a link and it will be clickable to the user. We have successfully done this with youtube links in our emails.

So if you are to use @andrewalmand suggestion of getting the dropbox shareable link in a text column, include that in your automated email.
You just have to make sure its the fully qualified url which means it starts with ‘https://’

The link can be a little ugly but it does work

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