How do I setup a Gmail automation to work with a time column?

Hi everyone,

My team has recently purchased and begun to setup Monday; we are a private art college, managing roughly 30-40 online courses per week via zoom. Each class, we have a team member who logs into zoom to “monitor” the class for the first 30 minutes to ensure the teacher arrives on time, and that no issues arise.

I am currently trying to automate a check-in system; each class time when an employee joins the zoom room, they change the label to “check-in”. However, if they do not change the label to check-in, I’d like an email to be sent to their supervisor stating “NOT IN CLASS” so that we are aware who and who isn’t in their respective courses.

I was able to automate them manually, setting the automation times in the integration (I.E. When this time arrives). However, I am wondering if there is a way to just grab the time needed from a column.

The integration I need would sound like this:

“Each Monday at 3:55pm, if (item) is not check in, email ____.”

Is there anyway to do something like this? I apologize if this is a silly question, I’m new to this. I would just like to find a solution to automate properly. At the current moment we set the times in both automation and column, but every week we have to reset the date to get it to work.

Thank you!