How do you use a Mirrored Column in a function?

I am trying to sum the total available quantity of serialized inventory from one board so it is visible onto another board. There are several different serial numbers, however the total quantity is what is needed for analysis. I need to mirror or link the sum to another board to create an automation for when the total quantity gets too low. I am working with thousands of different part numbers so will need to summarize the data to a manageable board. Once I get the data into a manageable board, I loose all functionality with automations or the “function” column. This does not seem practical. Dur to the amount of secured data, I am not wanting to use a third party app for a work-around. Is there any solution or do we have to resort back to excel?

Hi There!

There is a way but will take some data clean up. The steps are:

  • Add a two direction connect column between the boards.
  • Add a mirror column you need to see the sum of the components on the desired board. Make sure the sum is selected.
  • Once all the parts are associated with the right lines, then you can have a master inventory number on the connected line.
  • Add a formula column and then have the difference between the mirrored and inventory.
  • Set a notification email based upon the difference or another column.

Hope this helps get you started. Reach out if you need help setting this up.

Mike B
Automation Architect