How does the API link elements from different boards that relate to each other?

We’re VERY new to Monday and evaluating Monday for a slightly weird use case - antiques collection management. We have a board for the inventory of 1200 items and boards for activites we need to perform on each object in the collection - restoration, location, cleaning, etc. We need to pull data from Monday to share on our website and this will mostly be from the inventory board, but it will also include condition of the object data from from restoration board and current location of the object from the location board. Can the API pull data from multiple boards that are related to a single object in another board and present them as a single “row” of information about the one object? It seems like mirrored data in a board can’t be pulled from that board in the API.


You can do this using the connected boards column, you will need to query the connected board column and this will return the item ID of the linked item, you can then query the linked item to get all the data from that board.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you need further assistance with this.

Hi Joseph - thanks for this. Really helpful. Just to be 100% clear - the item ID will be of the information in the specific cell of the table in the group in the board, then I use the API to pull the information related to that item ID? Do I need to specify the board that item ID is referring to or is the Item ID unique and there is only one cel in the table where that Item ID is related to? Is it referring to a column or cel?


You will only need the item ID you can see the documentation for this query here.

The item ID refers to a row in a board.