How is the "owner" of an item defined

What does it mean to be an “owner” of an item. How is this defined/set?

Is this outlined in the docs somewhere?

How does this differ from being “subscribed” to an item and/or being “assigned” an item?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Hey Max! The owner of the item is the same as the person “assigned” to that item. Both terms just mean that the person is listed in the People Column for that item.

Does this help clarify? Are you running into scenarios in which these terms all mean different things? Let me know and I’d be happy to figure this out together! :blush: :muscle:

Hi Charlotte, thanks for the response. I was trying to understand the email notification options. If these two terms are in fact interchangeable, why does Monday use both of them?

Does “Writes an update on an Item I’m the owner of” mean the exact same thing as “Writes an update on an Item I’m assigned to”?

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