How is your nonprofit using the platform?

We want to hear from you!

Are you using the platform for project management, a CRM for your donors, task lists, managing your fundraising and grants pipeline? We want to know what you are using for and what resources you want to see us create to set you up for even more success in the future.


We are somewhat new to’s Enterprise platform. We have been using for primarily for project management and workflows in addition to order fulfillment and their corresponding workflows (integrated with Survey Monkey).

Hi @Leslie1 thanks so much for sharing how you are using the platform. Have you applied for our nonprofit discount and checked out our landing page? If not, you can take a look here:

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We are using it extensively for all our marketing comms and digital tasks. It’s saved us so much time being able to filter jobs to the relevant departments using automations.


Thanks so much for sharing! Did you use specific templates or create your boards from scratch? Are there any resources that were helpful?


We’re new here. We’re hoping to manage our projects that have been funded, track expenses to the individual projects, monitor reporting, assign tasks to volunteers/staff etc. We also want to manage multiple funding bids, donors. It would be great to set up a system as well to check and manage our governance, check and update policies and procedures etc. Manage and record meetings - basically everything!

Templates to assist with all this would be helpful - even if it’s just to get going :slight_smile:



Hi William,

We offer tens of different templates for many use cases, you can read more about it here - Does offer templates? – Support

Also, in Q4 we’re planning to add nonprofit section in the template center that will offer templates for unique nonprofits use cases (such as grants management or fundraising).

In the meantime, you can definitely find templates that will help you to get started.

Good luck @Generate !


Hi! We use to keep track of the rescue cats we take in. We have a few boards:

  • Cats contains links to medical records, status (adopted, ready for adoption, etc) chip numbers, gender, neutered, etc
  • Fosterers info of the fosterer and a link to what cats they are fostering (we use the applications form to populate this)
  • Adopter info of the fosterer, status (new, in review, approved, adoption closed) and a link to what cats they are going to adopt (we use the applications form to populate this)
  • Social media posts (for the cats that are ready to be promoted) linked to the cat board
  • We are looking to implement more boards soon: Partnerships and grants/fundraising opportunities.
  • We have lots of automations (status changes groups) and emails per status.
  • We don’t have enough seats to use it as a Project Management tool for the entire team yet!
  • We want to implement more automations like check-in after X months from when the cat has been adopted to see how things are going.
  • When we are able to get this feature, I want to be able to calculate the cat’s ages depending on date of birth

We can’t wait to get into your social good programme! Thank you :heart_eyes_cat:


Hi @beacorona! that’s awesome :clap::clap::clap:

I would love to see it in action, if possible.

Here in Brazil we have a bunch of NGOs saving animals life that could improve their impact by adopting That’s my job actually, to help them making this shift from analog to digital. All for free =)

So if there’s any chance to exchange workflows I would appreciate.


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@beacorona thanks so much for sharing! I’ve sent you an email and am excited to learn more as we build templates for animal shelters and rescues. I have a lot to learn from what you are building!

Hi there!

We are hunting out our CRM, workflow solution but really don’t want a sales focused CRM.
We are a non profit that runs training course. We have a membership database as well as our partners/donors, grant funders and general followers of our cause. I want to find a database/CRM that allows me to really look after our relationships, moving followers to become members or partners. It would be INCREDIBLE if there was a template that allowed me to manage people/relationships while also capturing conversions to members, partners etc.

We also want to centralise our workflows. Currently we use Trello, Squarespace, Jotform, Mailchimp and Google workspace and its getting all a little unwieldy. Any insights would be so greatly appreciated.

Rachel in New Zealand


@Rach_Hewitt Thanks for your awesome feedback!
We have a nonprofit-focused CRM within the template store. You can access by going to your account > add > choose new templates > type in “Fundraising CRM”

We’re looking to build more webinar trainings and your feedback on centralizing workflow. I will add this to our potential webinar topics for 2022. I’d love to hear more insight on how you are using the tools and what you gain from them. I would be happy to explore this and help with some tips.

We try to use it mainly as a Donations-CRM. Here everything works great, except two things that could be improved:

  1. The known problem with connection-boards and deleted items that just doesn’t get enough attention from monday. It is only that issue actually that makes the donations-CRM almost unusable.
  2. Also great would be a direct integration in monday like the apps DocuGen or Eledo to print PDFs with yearly summary of donations etc. But that also might be far away.
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Hi @Tomday - thanks for your feedback on the Donations CRM - I will share your feedback to our team creating the templates. We’re always open on ways to make the platform even easier to use for nonprofits. Keep the feedback coming!

It’s been great getting it set up for our animal shelter, so far we have:

  1. Daily task list with notifications if things have been missed
  2. Medication tracking, again with notifications
  3. Adoption progress, with checklists of the different aspects of the adoption

It’s going great!

Newbie here! We are going to use Mondaydotcom for Volunteer management, donations, grants, and Donor pipeline, so a CRM for sure. I have a long way to go to understand how to use it as CRM. A little confused on the connections of one of the templates but I will work it out. Loving some of the features.

I do have a question, does the 10K per record count per board, or per workspace? We have a campaign, that had 2000 donors or $1 - $5 dollars, and that will take a lot of assets. Thanks, can’t wait to learn more.

Hi Rachel – hope you’re well! May I ask, did you decide to go for the (non-profit) option for your CRM? We have a very similar training organisation model that you described in your post, with comparable needs and challenges, and I am on the cusp of making a decision. Your thoughts would be invaluable at this point :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you so much for your time!
Emma in U.K.

Hey Emma!

Yes we did go ahead and we are really loving it. Definitely a sharp learning curve and we have WAY more automation and functionality that we could be using but just needing to continue to educate ourselves on all of that but I would recommend it, for sure!


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That’s great, thanks so much Rachel! I imagine there is a LOT to learn, but the support seems really good which is reassuring.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your response - it has certainly helped me make my decision! Take care :slight_smile:

We’re a small church in country Victoria (Australia) which is transitioning into being a medium-sized church (pre pandemic we were under 100, now we’re around 200 and growing).

As a result, we have to find new ways of doing things, and those new ways involve systems, rather than the pastor just doing it all :slight_smile:

So I’ve implemented a WIKI (for consolidating our knowledge base/training documents) and next is project management. I started off testing ASANA, but it does aa few things a bit strangely, so here I am testing Monday, as they were good enough to recognise our Australian charity status.

I was a journalist for along time, with PR and media management experience/training as well, so I’m the (volunteer) Communications Director now. Never volunteer, right? I forgot that one…

Anyway, I’m HOPING that via a project management system I can organise the Comms dept, and then spread the system out into other areas (where I’m also involved, yes).

Liking the UI/UX a lot so far, watching a lot of training videos to get my head around the somewhat different paradigm.