How to assign repetitive dates on the calendar

I have a board with columns for start dates and birthdays, both including the year (e.g., January 23, 2021).

I want to display these events annually on a calendar. How can I configure these date fields to make them recurring events? If I use these fields on the calendar as is, they only show up for the year 2021. I need these events to repeat annually.

Hi Yolberth,

There is no such thing as a repeating event in You should create separate line items for each occurrence.

It would be possible to create an automation to help you populate these however. You can push dates by 1 year via automation quite easily.

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Thanks Francis, what you tell me does not solve the root problem, however, it is the way to move forward with the requirement.

I just wanted to see if anyone had solved it differently or maybe if had added a feature that would do it.

Thank you so much

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Try this. Let’s say birthday of one of Employee is 1 November 2023, Set up automation. When Date arrives after one day push that date which is (1 November 2023) by 365 Days.

Definitely don’t do this! Sorry Rehan, but this will cause problems in leap years. Instead of 365 days, you can use 12 months, which will be much more reliable. :+1:

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yes you are right