How to automatically assign an "item" to an owner based on predefined areas of responsibility?

Hi guys,

I am new to and trying to figure out how to utilize the features in the most convenient way.

I am trying to create a place where to submit development ideas for different areas/topics (each area has an individual owner, HR development → XXX, IT development → YYY, etc.).

Does anyone have a suggestion, how to:

  • automatically assign the idea for the right owner based on the area that has been chosen (e.g. HR dev. related ideas would be automatically assigned/notified process owner XXX)
  • ensure that the idea initiator (who probably won’t have user rights to will be notified when his/her/their idea will be processed and what kind of decision has been made of moving forward with the idea)?
  • any other best practices around this “Idea storage” are highly appreciated as well <3

Many thanks in advance!





You can do this with these automations.

You should have a emaill column with this automation

You can customize all the notifications with data from the board, you can have a column where you add what the decision that has been made is and this will notify the item creator.

Hope this helps

Many thanks! I managed to create an automation based on your suggestion but it only applies when the Department is updated manually, not when the item is created and the department chosen via form.

Any ideas how to tackle that one?

So the idea is that:

  • any person (regardless if he/she has the access to can submit an idea via the link/form
    → the person chooses the department idea concerns and submit the actual idea
    → based on the department person has chosen, it should be immediately auto assigned to predetermined person

My current automation requires manual update of the “department” to be assigned to correct person. Is there some rule how I can fix the issue?

Many thanks in advance!


hi @Mariab

The issue what you are facing is that when an item is created with column values (like a form submission) a change trigger will not fire. Technically the column is not changed, it is initialized :slight_smile:

You can do something like this:

alongside with the When status change automation.