How to Connect monday API with Postman

Hi everybody,
can somebody please tell me how to connect API with Postman.
It´s my first use of an API.

On Post-Method i´ve used the URL: “
For the “Authorization” Tab i´ve used the Type “Bearer Token” and the Token given in the Admin Section of Monday.
In the “Headers” Tab i´ve used the Keys “Content-Type” and “Authorization”
For the “Body” Tab i´ve used “GraphQL” and the example of monday like this:

query {

boards {

items {





Can somebody please tell me what i made wrong or where i made a mistake and help me to run the API?

Best Regards, Michael

Hey @DeRpa,

Can you explain a bit more about the error you’re getting?

When I use Postman I usually format the request body as raw JSON, so I can better understand what request is being made:

As for the authorization, try this:

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your quick response.
the error is “Could not send request” and “unable to get local issuer certificate”.
Now i have the body and authorization Tabs as you did but there is still the same error.
Can you please help me?


Hey @DeRpa,

Strange, I’ve never seen that before. It might be an issue with your Postman configuration.

From a brief Google I found these resources, I hope they get you on the right track:

Do let me know if that helps!


yes, thats very strange. One of my colleagues can normally use it.
But he uses “OAuth 2.0” for Authorization-Type and on the Headers he gets a Cookie. So he had 10 Headers. So it is all fine.
The issue for me is that I can´t get a cookie at Postman and only get 9 Headers.
So I think my colleague can help me.

Thank you for your support.
Best Regards!